Watch the Hollywood Stomp: Solo 1 online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Swing Blues Survival Guide: Lead

This solo features some great pentatonic blues runs. Fats was a master of using a limited range of notes with precision, and also makes use of the interplay between major and minor tonalities. The solo opens up with a major sounding pickup into a micro-bend on the minor 3rd for the downbeat of the song. The second riff begins with the same micro-bend and walks down a minor pentatonic run ending with minor 3rd to major 3rd trill.

The next series of phrases over the IV chord involve some T-Bone-esque elements such as a choked bend, and notes that outline some of the key chord tones of the IV chord. Then there is an interval based pentatonic run that transitions into the turnaround with a bend that lands on the tonic of the V chord (right on the downbeat of the V chord). The solo ends with a great riff that cycles between major and minor pentatonic, resolving to the tonic of the V chord in the 12th measure.