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Watch the Billy Boy: Solo 2 online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Swing Blues Survival Guide: Lead

In the second solo of "Billy Boy", we move up the neck and begin by playing a passage that is very similar to the first four measures of solo 1 (just up an octave). Before we break down the solo, take a second to locate your chord shapes up in this position. You want to begin thinking of all these licks as coming off of chords. For instance, for the I chord, you could think in terms of G7 or G9 shape on the 10th fret, and try to relate the licks to the chord tones within that shape. To start, just get to know where your major 3rd and dominant 7th degrees live within that shape, then work-in the other degrees as you progress. Once you can really visually the chord tones within a given shape, you can start to build (and/or transpose) licks off that shape.

Ok, back to the solo…just as in solo 1, the first series of licks resolve to dominant 7th (10th fret G string) to set up the IV chord change. Over the IV chord, we have some pretty straight ahead jump licks in the 5th measure, and then in the 6th measure we incorporate the 7b9 sound to setup the transition. The 7th & 8th measure transition and the II-V-I turnaround are another set of great phrases to internalize.