Watch the S.W.A.T. Blues online guitar lesson by Carl Verheyen from S.W.A.T. Blues

I believe many of us guitarists are blues-based players. That means we have an underlying stream of blues in our rock, country and jazz (or even pop) style of playing that shines through in the harmony or when we take a solo. Therefore I think a course in blues playing is a good thing for all levels of players, and I hope you can get something useful out of this one. It's been a fun project to be involved in and I'd like to thank Brad Wendkos, Alison Hasbach, Tommy Jamin and all the great people at TrueFire. I would also like to thank my manager, Betsy Alexander, for all her hard work in putting this project together.

For continuing education I'd like to suggest a few more helpful items. My book called "Improvising Without Scales" (Mel Bay) is pretty advanced but can help you get started writing your own lines. I have two instructional videos out, too. One is called "Intervallic Rock Guitar" and the other is "Forward Motion: Advancing on the Electric Guitar." Both are available through Alfred Music Publishing. has all of my CDs, books and videos available, and I would be honored if you checked out my latest DVD called "The Road Divides."

Thanks for listening and good luck with your music,
Carl Verheyen

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