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Watch the Blues Solo Strategies online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Blues Solo Strategies

It's not WHAT you play, it's HOW you play it. Hi, I'm Matthieu Brandt and welcome to Blues Solo Strategies.

I LOVE playing licks, but throwing a bunch of licks together doesn’t make a good solo. You want your solo to tell a story, to make a lasting impression, to take the song to a high point. In studying my heroes and the way they approached their solos, I figured out that they all used some sort of strategy. In this course, we'll focus on the strategies that will help you get your solo playing to the highest possible level and how to practice these strategies so they become second nature to you.

This course contains 43 of these essential strategies and a huge number of exercises to practice them. Some of these strategies will have an immediate effect on your solos; like playing with your fingers instead of your pick or singing with your solo. Introducing vocal characteristics is one of most important ones, like breathing in your solo lines and using vibrato. Some of these strategies will take a bit of time to seep in, like building solos with a solid structure (ABAC being the most effective). Using contrast keeps the audience interested and can be achieved in many different ways: with timing, using different scales in a solo, and using chromatics and rhythmic transposition. When you tell a good story there's always a compelling story line, and the same goes for soloing. We're also going to tackle strategies for situations where you're out of your comfort zone, like when the tempo is too high, the piano player is too busy, or the chord progression too complex.

Some guitar players believe in the magic of music; that playing world class solos is just a talent only some of us have. I beg to differ. Practicing and using these strategies will get you awfully close to sounding like your heroes. Soloing is about telling a story, and this course will make sure people listen. Let me show you how!