Watch the Solo Factory: Texas Blues online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from Solo Factory: Texas Blues

So you've been in the woodshed for weeks practicing your favorite Texas blues licks. You finally get together with your bandmates or, hit the open stage and are well prepared for the solos coming your way. It's time for you to strut your stuff and bam - you're locked up! All of those ideas you worked on just won't come out. Well my friend, you've been learning words and not sentences! Welcome to the Solo Factory, the place where you and I hammer out real blues solos using licks that I teach you. We're going to work on stringing those licks and ideas together to not only form musical sentences but, tell a memorable soloing story! We'll learn licks over the I-IV-V chords as well as licks that will work anywhere. Some exciting stuff lies ahead. Let's get to work in the factory!

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