Watch the Off The Bone online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from Solo Factory: Texas Blues

T-Bone Walker may be the first Texas blues guitarist to really become famous. T-Bone is known for infusing his horn lines with straight up blues and rock n’ roll style licks. I’ve taken a few of the ideas that he plays of V chords in this course because they have a signature sound and I know you’ve heard it and want to play it. These T-Bone-esque licks infuse many non-minor pentatonic sounds. The reason these sounds work is because the music we’re soloing over often consists of chords that have 6th, 9th and 13th sounds in them. Don’t over-think this stuff. Learn the pentatonics. Get them down and then try to see how these other colorful notes work. In this example you’ll start out by bending on the 7th fret which is a B. The B represents the 9th sound. We’re bending up a half step to the C note which is legal pentatonic. In bar 2 we graze the F# note on the second string 7th fret. This gives us the 13th sound. In bar 3, we hammer on to the major 3rd sound by going from C to C#. We end the lick in bar 4 by visiting the B note again. All of these additional notes make for a jazzy sounding turnaround that still reeks of Texas blues. Enjoy!

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