Watch the Born To Shuffle online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from Solo Factory: Texas Blues

This lick will most certainly work in any rhythmic style but, shuffles are the backbone of Texas blues so, I thought we’d go heavy on the shuffle lick first. You’ll start this one out by sliding into a double stop on the first and second strings in pattern 1. You’ll slide into these double stops on the beginning of every triplet figure. The rest is straight up pentatonic. If you checked out 50 Texas Blues You Must Know, you’ll notice that I do a lot of 1/4 step bends. Stevie Ray does this all of the time so, it’s important that we talk about it and demonstrate it for this course. Notice how I execute the 1/4 step bend on bars 2 and 4. That little bend keeps things from sounding stale and lifeless. Work that technique into your playing!

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