Watch the Abuse Me online guitar lesson by Corey Congilio from Solo Factory: Texas Blues

These next 10 licks are really going to be fun. You can use these licks anywhere and I’m going to demonstrate how to do it. I’ll play this one lick over the entire 12 bar progression. I’ll do this because you’ll then see how a little can go a long way! We introduced a few new tones to the pentatonic scale in previous licks. Here again, we’ll be highlighting the major 3rd and the 13th sounds in the key of A. Adding these notes make it possible to play this lick that cycles through all 12 bars. Notice how we add a popular double stop in bar 6. I’ll demonstrate in the video how you can use this almost ad nauseam! Remember that repetition is the key here so don’t be concerned about sounding boring!

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