Watch the Stormy Blues in G: online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

“Stormy Monday” offers a great twist on a standard 12-bar blues in that it includes a series of alternate chords between bars 7-10: in bar 7, instead of staying on the I (one) chord as one normally would in a standard 12-bar blues, the I chord, G7, is played for the first half of the bar and the ii7 (two minor seven) chord, Am7, is played for the second half of the bar; bar 8 is split between iii7 (three minor seven), Bm7 and biii7 (flat three minor seven), Bbm7; bar 9 substitutes D7sus4 (or C/D) for D7; and bar 10 substitutes Cm7 for C7.

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