Watch the Breakdown 4 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

Bar 7 features a return to the I (one) chord, G7, and on beat two, I use an expressive technique of fingerpicking a high Bb, followed by a G-to-F pull-off on the B string and then a quick slide down from F to D, at the third fret of the B string. Bar 7 culminates with a doublestop bend, sounded by laying the ring finger across the G and B strings at the fifth fret, bending both strings up one half step and then releasing the bend. The phrase is then wrapped up in the next bar with a line delivered with slight rhythmic variations, moving all the way down to a low G, sixth string/third fret, and then immediately moving back up, at the beginning of bar 9, to quick hammers from G to A on the high E string, played over the V (five) chord, D7.

Bar 10 begins with tremolo picking, wherein a high C note is repeatedly picked as fast as possible while gradually being bent up one whole step.

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