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Watch the Breakdown 3 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

The tremolo picking technique wraps up towards the end of bar 5, followed by a partially symmetrical lick, based on Eb Mixolydian (Eb F G Ab Bb C Db), that quickly moves across the top three strings and alternates between the sixth and eighth frets. This unusual lick utilizes a similar “rolling” technique referred to earlier, wherein the index and ring fingers cross over from string to string at the same fret to sound consecutive notes. I end the phrase on the major third of Eb, G, so that the connection between the improvised line and the chord progression is clear.

Bar 6 wraps up with a positional shift down to III (third) position Bb minor pentatonic, which sets up the subsequent use of the open G string—the sixth in the key of Bb--down at the lower portion of the fretboard.