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Watch the Breakdown 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

At bar 2, I begin by sliding up the G string, from Eb (eighth fret) to F (10th fret), and then reverse the technique by sliding back from Eb to Db (sixth fret), followed by hammers and pulls on the D and A strings as the lick descends. Bar 3 brings us back to the I (one) chord, Bb7, and, after sliding from the minor third, Db, up to the major third, D, I initiate a fast tremolo picking lick, starting at the end of bar 3 and carrying through bars 4 and 5. I begin with a doublestop of F (third string/10th fret) and Ab (second string/ninth fret), and I create the tremolo picking effect by alternate picking very quickly between these two notes; the F is picked with the thumb and the Ab is picked with the middle finger, while I hold the pick out of the way by tucking it in the joint of the index finger. I like to hold the thumb and middle fingers together, moving the forearm to create the picking movement; many other players, such as Warren Haynes, prefer to move the joint of the picking fingers while executing this technique. The notes picked move chromatically (one fret at a time) from the fifth and flat seventh to the sixth, G, and root note, Bb, and then to the root note, Bb, with the minor third, Db, above it, at the 15th and 14th frets, respectively.