Watch the Breakdown 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

In bar 4, I utilize the same “rolling” technique referred to earlier: I begin by “rolling” the index finger across the top two strings, starting on the high E at the third fret and rolling over to the B string at the third fret; I then use the same technique with the pinkie to roll from the sixth fret of the B string to the sixth fret of the G string, and follow that with a series of pull-offs down the G string, from the sixth to the fifth to the third fret.

On the second eighth note of beat two, I continue with the “rolling” idea by using the ring finger to move back and forth from the fifth fret of the D to the fifth fret of the G and back. Aside from the comfort this technique provides, it also allows one to easily incorporate intervallic jumps of thirds and fourths, as opposed to moving straight up or down a given scale.

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