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Watch the Breakdown 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

The scales I use most predominantly in this solo are A minor pentatonic (A C D E G) and the A Blues scale (A C D Eb E G). As this excerpt is played with a loose, swinging feel, I tried to accentuate that feeling in the solo lines by utilizing a loose approach to the rhythm of the improvisation, moving from 16th notes to 16th-note triplets to the more unusual sextuplets and even 32nd-note triplets. More accurately, I simply speed up and slow down—or compress and then stretch—the flow of the notes in order to create a feeling of “tension and release” as the solo progresses.

On beat two, I utilize a favorite technique of Jimi Hendrix: after bending G at the eighth fret of the B string up one whole step, I catch the Eb, at the eighth fret of the G string, under the same finger and then release the bend on the G string, rolling the ring finger over from the B to the G string in the process.