Watch the Breakdown 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

I start this chorus of soloing with a melodic figure that dates back to T-Bone himself, but is heard often in the playing of one of his best-known disciples, B.B. King, as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan: on beat four of the pick-up bar, I play D, E and G, the fifth, sixth and root note in the key of G. On the downbeat of “one” in bar 1, I play a G7 voicing that is sounded by laying the index finger across the D, G and B strings at the third fret, immediately hammering from the third to the fourth fret on the G string, sounding B, the major third of G; a low G root note is fretted at the third fret by wrapping the fret-hand thumb around the top of the neck. The same voicing is then used for the subsequent C7 chord.

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