Watch the Breakdown 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Slow Blues Power

This solo actually begins in the pick-up bar, on the second half of beat three into beat four, which sets up the “stop” on beat one of bar 1 and an expressive whole step bend, C to D, on the high E string. Through this example, all of the notes on the high E string are sounded with a fingerpick, as I use the middle finger of the pick-hand to snap the string against the fretboard in order to produce a sharp, biting attack. The riffs in this solo are based primarily on the G minor pentatonic scale (G Bb C D F) and the G Blues scale, which adds the “flatted fifth,” Db, to G minor pentatonic. Notice all of the subtle differences in the bending, from the whole-step bends sounded at the eighth fret of the high E to the half-step bends sounded at the sixth and seventh frets of the high E.

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