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Watch the Logical & Linear Fingerings online guitar lesson by Jeff Beasley from Shred Ahead Blues Rock

Studying the classical guitar in college really gave me a great foundation in many areas, technique being one of them. Using the correct fingers and carefully or strictly alternating my fingers and/or pick were emphasized repeatedly. I thought that just playing a passage and it sounding good was enough but many years later I have found that these sometimes difficult rules will make all the difference in my progression as a guitarist. Not only can I play passages with ease but the number of mistakes decreases exponentially with the minimization of movement in my hands. If I heard "conservation of motion" once I heard it a thousand times in school. That traditional rule applies not only to technique but to all of western civilization music in general. Smaller distances between notes gives melodies continuity, shorter distances in the bass-lines of chord progressions give them continuity as well. To minimize motion in your fretting hand, assign each finger to an adjacent fret with some exceptions. Taking this as a general rule will greatly develop finger independence and facilitate comfortable shifts in position across the fret board.
Alternating your pick is another critically important aspect of synchronizing your two hands. You need this ability not just for speed but also for consistency in progression and execution. It usually takes a lot of repetition and a disciplined practice routine but is so important to you as a player. Remember "repetition is the mother of skill". That's another quote I heard a thousand times in college but again I have to say it certainly rings true today.