Watch the Blues Study in D 3 online guitar lesson by Tim Sparks from Post-Modern Fingerstyle Blues

Our last tune was in the key of G and now we're in the key of D, but the chord-based scale shapes we learned back in the course's fifth video (How Great Thou Art, Breakdown 3) still apply - you just have to shift your orientation to the chords we're using. Remember that when we describe "A shape," "E shape," and so on, we're talking about the shapes of chords played in open position. So, the A shape in open position is an A; put a barre behind it and move it up to the 5th fret and you have the A shape of a D chord. Got it? Same goes for the scale shapes we're using: take an A-shape scale and move it up two-and-a-half steps, and you have an A shape of a D scale.

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