Watch the Ol' Mississippi online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

Mississippi John Hurt was one of those amazingly talented players that literally created a sound and style all his own. Working from the building blocks of simple blues/folk chords and progressions he was able to create a rich sonic tapestry using just a few raw key ingredients. This piece is a direct tribute to his work and style.

This simple 8 bar blues really begins on the IV chord in measure 2, using measure 1 as sort of a pickup. Take note of the use of chord extensions like the Cadd9 chord in measure 1 and the F major 6th in measure 3. These textures really stand out against the minimal Travis picking of root to major 3rd on the I chord and root to octave on the IV chord. This piece is better off played than explained so have some fun with it.

Recommended listening: check out the songs "My Creole Belle" and "Richland Women Blues" by Mississippi John Hurt.

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