Watch the Nightcrawler Blues online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

Nightcrawler Blues is a tune in open G tuning - D G D G B D. Open G opens up a whole new range of possibilities and sounds and I wanted to feature a couple of pieces in open G so that people not familiar with the fingerings could get to know it.

In Nightcrawler Blues you have a Travis picked bass line over some open chord fingers in open G tuning. Over the I chord you have a melody line on the top two strings that moves back and forth between the root and the 7th degree of G. This whole step chord melody move carries through each chord in the progression.

The main things to take note of in this piece are the chord shapes. Getting to know the open chord shapes that you can use is the first step in beginning to make use of the open G tuning.

Recommended listening: "Bedbug Blues" performed by Dave Van Ronk.

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