Watch the Miner's Lament Pt. 2 online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

In PT 2 of Miner's Lament we basically have more of the elements from PT 1 but it's put together so that it can be used kind of like a solo section to be played in conjunction with PT 1.

Things to take note of in this piece are the double stops over the IV chord. I recommend using these as a starting point and then going on to find other double stops to be used. Find them for not only the IV chord but the I chord as well. Mix your double stops with single note lines to form your own melodies.

Since the V chord is in a closed position you are somewhat limited to what you can do with the high strings while you're holding down the 2nd fret of the A string for the steady bass - but why let that stop you? Try to find new inversions that offer more freedom.

The world of steady bass is open to your creativity and if it sounds good to you then that's good enough. Take note of the changes in measures 11 and 12. It goes from the I chord to the IV chord back to the I. This differs from the turnaround in Miner's Lament PT 1, and is intended to illustrate another way of turning a minor blues tune around with alternate chord substitutions. Chord substitutions add movement to a piece so it's good to start to open your ears to them.

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