Watch the Carolina Lady, Pt. 1 online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

In Carolina Lady we move into open D tuning - D A D F# A D. Open D is a great rich sounding tonal center to work from. It's a whole step lower than where the guitar usually sits, so you get this deep resonant quality to the notes and chords.

Just as a side note, all the fingering positions you learn in open D are the same when playing in open E tuning - E B E G# B E which is another very popular blues open tuning. As with the drop D pieces in this course, you get this great drone effect when you Travis pick bass notes on the 6th and 4th string in open D, alternating between root and octave.

The main things to take out of this piece are new relationships and fingerings that this tuning opens up. Certain things you can do in standard tuning are not as easy here but it also opens up new possibilities.

Most people who know a little open D are familiar with barred chords but as a solo guitar player or songwriter I wanted to focus your attention on the open chords. So learn the fingerings for the D, G and A chords here.

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