Watch the Big Bad Bill online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

Here we dig a little deeper into the steady bass technique and try to increase independence between the right and left hands. In this piece palm muted quarter notes hold down the bass line while single note melody lines incorporate bends, hammer-ons and slides.

Over the I chord you have a single note blues riff in open E position. This can be a challenging line to learn and hold down the bass notes at the same time so take it slow and learn it one note at a time.

When the progression moves to IV chord, the melody incorporates some jazzier chord tones such as landing on the dominant 7th (8th fret of the B string) on the downbeat of the A chord.

Over the IV we also work in the 9th (7th fret of the high E) all while the keeping the steady bass happening. For jazzier lines mixed with steady bass picking be sure to check out some Robert Lockwood Junior and Big Bill Broonzy.

Recommended listening: Big Bill Broonzy "an introduction to Big Bill Broonzy".

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