Watch the Back Porch Stomp online guitar lesson by David Blacker from Lone Wolf Blues

Back Porch Stomp is another piece in open G tuning - D G D G B D. This piece requires some real independence between the right and left hands as it has a Travis picked bass line along with semi-complicated triplet single note melody on the top three strings. Take this one slow and easy.

Try to get the first part over the I chord together before moving on. Sometimes with pieces like this you have to take it one quarter note at a time. When doing it that way it's easy to lose the sound of the tune so just keep referring to the play along if needed.

After awhile it will just click and you will have it but it may take some work to begin with. Things to take note of in this tune are the closed position fingerings over both the IV and V chords. Again the purpose of this piece is just to get you acquainted with some of the possibilities in open G so feel free to experiment or use this as a jumping off place.

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