Watch the Stormy: Ex. 2b online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 6: T-Bone Walker

The second half of this chord progression offers a distinctive twist on a standard blues, moving to the ii (two minor), Am, the iii (three minor), Bm, the biii (flat three minor), Bbm, and then to the V7 (five dominant), D7. The subsequent iv (four minor), Cm, offers a different flavor, followed by a return to a typical I7-V7 (one dominant-five dominant) conclusion. Though the lines played over these unusual chords remain based in the G Mixolydian/Blues scale area, a sense of spontaneity is created with unusual rhythmic superimpositions, such as the pairs of triplets played on two even divisions of each beat, as illustrated in bars 3 and 4 of the example.

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