Watch the Stormy: Ex. 2a online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 6: T-Bone Walker

The solo phrases demonstrated here are along the lines of T-Bone's guitar work on his most famous composition, "(Call it) Stormy Monday," which is a twist on a standard 12-bar blues progression, played in the key of G. These solo phrases combine elements of the G Mixolydian mode (G A B C D E F) and the G Blues scale (G Bb C Db D F). T-Bone loved to superimpose different rhythms over a slow blues feel, as demonstrated by the 4:3 ratios in bar 1, wherein four notes are divided evenly over one beat in a 12/8 time signature. Bars 4-6 feature the use of different 9th-chord voicings, which are articulated by sliding up one whole step and then back to the root position.

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