Watch the Shuffle online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 6: T-Bone Walker

T-Bone's second most popular composition, next to "(Call it) Stormy Monday," was his signature shuffle, appropriately titled "T-Bone Shuffle." The shuffle illustrated here is played in the key of Ab, with lines based primarily on the Ab minor pentatonic scale (Ab Cb Db Eb Gb); brief reference is made to the Ab Mixolydian mode (Ab Bb C Db Eb F Gb) in bar 7. This solo is accentuated by double-stops (two-note voicings) which include string-bending, such as the unison bends on beats one and three of bars 1 and 3: while fretting an Eb on the B string, Db is bent up one whole step to Eb on the G string, thus creating a unison sound on the two adjacent strings. Another bent double-stop is sounded by the ring-finger barre across the G and B strings at the sixth fret, found in bars 1, 2 and 10, as the two strings are simultaneously bent up one half step and then released.

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