Watch the Papa Ain't Salty online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 6: T-Bone Walker

These next two examples are played over a groove similar to T-Bone's song, "Papa Ain't Salty," which is a typically mid-tempo relaxed, swinging groove, played in T-Bone's favorite key of G. Overall, the phrases here are based on G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F), and expressive bends are played on the G string as the fourth, C, is bent up one whole step to D, and the minor third, Bb, is bent up one half step to B. Though the entire solo is played in III (third) position, a feeling of tension and release is created by shifting from fast moving phrases made up of a lot of notes to very simple phrases made up of just a few notes.

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