Watch the Sen-Sa-Shun online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 8: Freddie King

Freddie King was a little bit younger than B.B. and Albert King, and was greatly influenced by B.B. at the beginning of his career. But ultimately Freddie King developed his own immensely powerful, original sound, earmarked by a razor-sharp attack, gutbucket intensity and lyrically melodic phrasing. This track is a straight-ahead rocker in A, and bars 1 and 3 feature a stock Freddie-ism: the muted-string reverse rake that falls right on beat two of each bar. After fretting the initial C note on beat one of bars 1 and 3, lay the underside of the fret-hand index finger lightly across the top three strings without depressing the strings to the fretboard; then drag the pick from the first string to the third string in one continuous upstroke.
Another essential element in this solo is the fact that it is devised of a series of specific melodic phrases: the opening riff, which is played twice, is followed by a funky low-string thematic-type riff. Then another thematic phrase is introduced over the V7 and IV7 chords at the latter part of the progression.

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