Watch the Dust My Broom: Ex. 5a online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 8: Freddie King

This excerpt represents the first half of a standard 12-bar blues shuffle, and once again I focused on playing catchy, melodic phrases indicative of Freddie's distinct style. The opening phrase is based on eighth-note triplets as a two-note figure fretted on the top two strings and picked in an alternating fashion. In bar 2, the first note, a fretted G bent up one half-step, is followed immediately by the open high E and B strings, which allows a quick positional shift down to licks played in first position. Bar 3 offers a melodic twist on bar 1, and bar 4 is made up of a chordal-type riff with an internal descending note on the B string.

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