Watch the Like A Woman online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 4: B.B. King

In 1960, B.B. King recorded a fast, swinging shuffle in the key of G entitled "Ain't That Just like a Woman," upon which these next two examples are based. The majority of the licks are based on G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F), played with a slightly staccato (short and abrupt) feel with quick touches of vibrato. The melodies played here emulate the song's vocal melody in regard to how the vocal melody is put together. An essential touch here is to add slight half-step bends on the flatted third, Bb, pulling it up to the major third, B natural. Important as well is the occasional replacement of the flatted seventh, F, with the sixth, E, which serves to make a slight reference to G major pentatonic (G A B D E).

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