Watch the Killing Floor: Ex. 4b online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 2: Albert King

In this example, the lines played over the first four bars are made up of the same four notes while devising a series of different, very expressive phrases. A great Albert trick is found in bar 1, on beat two, as I bend the major third up one half step to the fourth, followed by the minor third. By bar 6, all of the bends have been moved to the 11th fret of the B string (all of the bent pitches originate from the same fretted note), which is more along the lines of how Albert actually executed these types of melodies.
The riff in bars 9-10 begin with repeated whole step bends; you will find this exact phrase in a variety of recordings by Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy, two blues guitarists highly influenced by the great Albert King.

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