Watch the Blues Power: Ex. 1a online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Kings of Blues & Rock Vol. 2: Albert King

The great Albert King redefined electric blues guitar with his incredible, explosive string bending and brilliant phrasing. Because he played in a wholly unorthodox manner-with the strings upside down (his guitar was strung for a righty but played left-handed) and tuned down one and a half steps-it is very difficult to recreate his sound and feel on a standard-tuned and strung guitar. But countless guitarists have been trying hard to do just that for more than four decades.
All of the riffs here, played over the first six bars of a standard 12-bar blues progression, are based on G minor pentatonic (G Bb C D F), and I use fingerpicking as opposed to flatpicking in order to pull up on the strings and snap them against the fretboard, which is an essential element in Albert's articulation. Pay close attention to your intonation when bending the strings; there are many variations and Albert always nailed every riff with absolute conviction.

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