Watch the Recap 1 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Jump Blues

Let's go through some of the principles we've worked at in this course.
The most important one is of course that in Jump Blues you can now use 3 extra scales on top of the blues scale you already knew.
These mixolydian scales can give your solo's and accompaniment a more refined uptown feel, because these are major scales.
We've gone over a number of ways to accompany a soloist or singer in a jump blues tune.
All these different ways make accompanying as interesting and as challenging as playing a solo.
We can use tritone intervals, thirds and sixths, intervals in the 1st blues position, accompaniment riffs and broken chords. We can also use horn lines and full chords.
And remember when you do this, to use inner logic when you can and most of all: move with the chords!

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