Watch the Inner Logic online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Jump Blues

Connecting all the mixolydian scales and chords to each other is crucial to create hip up-town solos and accompaniments.
There is an "inner logic" connecting all the scales and chords. Whenever you move from a I to a IV chord, the major 3rd and the flat 7th of that chord want to move down 1 fret.
This is also the case when you're moving from a V to a I chord.
This "inner logic" can help you move around the fretboard in a more logical way. It'll spice up your accompaniment and help you develop strong solo lines.
Timing is of the essence in jump blues. Most of time we're playing swing timing, also called a shuffle feel. This timing is based on triplets, with the second note of the triplet left out.

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