Watch the C Christian Approach 1 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Jump Blues

Charlie Christian (1916 - 1942) was one of the first real swing guitar players that had a lasting influence on all other swing and jump guitar players after him. Even more than 60 years after his death he sounds as hip as any other cat out there.
Being the guitarist of Benny Goodman's Big Band and jamming with the likes of Theolonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie, he can be called the Jimi Hendrix of his days.
His style of soloing was based around some surprisingly simple principles. The first one was that he played a lot of his solos based on chord shapes. As we know; the individual chord tones of any chord have the most 'gravitational' pull on that chord.
In this lesson we take a look at how we can use these principles in jump blues.

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