Watch the Super Dom Blues 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

Going back to the previously discussed "dominant leanings" idea, we're going to check out some approaches that will juice up your inside dominant chord comping big time. In this segment you'll not only see how the m7b5 chord is used as a substitution for dom7 chords to produce inverted dom9 sounds, but we're also going to check out a concept I picked up from the great fusion bassist, Gerald Carboy, called the Diamond Theory. What's more, there's going to be a choice few essential upper string voicings in the dom9 and dom13th families to check out as well as some quartal-based voicings. All together these ideas will further add to the sophistication your playing is undergoing courtesy of these m7b5 superimpositions and substitutions, not to mention lay the ground work for upcoming comping concepts that will be utilized throughout Juiced Blues.

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