Watch the M&M Blues 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

The pentatonic scale may be the most inviting melodic device known to man--especially for guitarists. The interval structure allows for incredibly comfortable fingering, not to mention ultra-cool melodies with minimal effort. In M&M Blues we're going to take the underlying structure of this 5-note gem and modulate it's properties a bit to produce fresh sounding options (there's that word again) for you to mull over. To do this we're going to go modal--not postal--on this minor blues and organize specific key notes from relative, yet evocative sounding 7-tone modes into 5-note formulae. This will give us a set of very hip 'alternative' pentatonic scales to be played over this "Thrill is Gone" type minor blues in C. As you check out this segment, listen for pentatonic versions of the following modes:

C Dorian
F Dorian
Ab Lydian
G Phrygian Dominant

By now you've probably figured out the title of this section is in no way paying homage to a small circular chocolate candy.

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