Watch the Introduction online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

Playin' the Blues has been a gateway for just about every guitarist who's ever developed calluses while getting their soloing chops together. It's as if the Minor pentatonic scale was embedded into our very beings eagerly waiting to be cultivated into an improvisatory life force. Though for some, once they get over that initial hump the licks remain the same and that flame that first ignited their passion for bent notes and b5's is left flickering at best. If this sounds like you and you're looking for a way to juice your playing, then you've come to the right place--welcome to Juiced Blues.

Split up into five sections, Juiced Blues explores concepts for both soloing and comping. Throughout Juiced Blues you're going to discover how to make seemingly un-bluesy devices such as m7b5 arpeggios or Lydian Dominant scales seem as if they're right at home. To do this, we're gonna juice your blues utilizing some tried-and-true blues progressions so you can take these ideas straight to the jam session. The 12-bar progressions on the chopping block include “The Thrill Is Gone", “Freddie the Freeloader" and “Stormy Monday" as well as a pair of stock I-IV-V's. Within this quintet of juiced jams will be concepts like superimposing m7b5 arpeggios, modal pentatonics, making use of some choice melodic minor modes as well as the symmetrical diminished scale to name a few.

Many of these concepts can be heard in the playing of modern masters such as Robben Ford,Scott Henderson,Greg Koch,David "Fuze" Fiuczynski,Wayne Krantz,Mike Stern--even in the playing of a traditionalist like Little Charlie Baty. As you go through Juiced Blues and beyond, be sure to seek out the incredible music that flows from the hands of guys like these to subconsciously get their genius inside your psyche, and not to mention--steal their licks!

Part of juicing your blues may involve juicing your current rig, so here's a look into what was used throughout the course: Sporting a lightweight solid body korina Unk Custom loaded with a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers--a FRED in the bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck--I plugged into a very sweet Mesa Lonestar 1X12 combo that resides here at TrueFire. To sonically juice this already stellar rig I whipped out my vintage TS-808 for its signature compressed saturation. Along with the Unk's unique wiring scheme this setup was nothing short of, well, juicy!

The Blues could very well be the universal language spoken in fingers by guitarists all over the world. What better way to spice up the conversation than with some truly juiced options.

Let's do it!

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