Watch the Fuzy Lydian-Loader 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

OK, no more Mr. Nice Scale--it's time to delve into the more 'out' side of juicing up your blues approaches. And, by 'out' I mean outside the realm of everyday blues-based harmonic and melodic devices. Much of the out-and-out juicing that lies ahead is somewhat cryptically indicated in this group of lessons' main heading. Though the title Fuzy the Lydian-Loader, at first glance, may evoke a neck tilt accompanied by a perplexed head scratch; nearly the entire mission is laid out for you in plain view. Here's the breakdown -

'Fuzy' refers to 'Fuze', which refers to David Fiuczynski--one of today's most vital and forward-thinking guitar player/composers. It is through Fuze, who is affectionately known as Fuzy to some, that I excitedly started my path to the outskirts. That path played a huge role in the Juiced Blues concepts you're diggin' into now. Be sure to seek out Fuze on-line so you can see what this six- and seven-stringed, fretless master is up to.

The Lydian part of the title is a callout to the Lydian Dominant scale, which is spelled 1 2 3 #4 5 6 b7. It is through this versatile fourth mode of the Melodic minor series we will be soloing both horizontally and vertically and constructing applicable chord diamonds. Never dabbled in this augment-ified Mixo-type scale? Prepare to be pleased. It's incredible.

The caboose of the title, -Loader, is making reference to a yet another classic tune, "Freddie the Freeloader". Just as we borrowed the changes from "The Thrill is Gone" in the previous group of Juiced Blues lessons, this time we're going to take the harmony from this Miles Davis standard and turn it inside OUT.

Additional components not encrypted in the title is the use of superimposition; this time turning a good 'ol minor pentatonic scale into an abbreviated Altered Dominant scale. What's more, Fuzy the Lydian-Loader introduces yet another juiced concept to the fold--rhythmic interpretation. For those of you familiar with "Freddie the Freeloader" you know this is a low-key Cool Jazz vibe. Well, not on my watch. Fuzy the Lydian-Loader throws Freddie's changes into a more groove-based feel and as George Clinton would say, "turns the mother out!"

So get out your polyester pants, down some Ginkoba and let's roll.

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