Watch the Conclusion online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

Juicing complete! Congratulations--you've juiced your blues. To fully complete the process you gotta take these ideas into your next jam session and every one thereafter. Only then will you realize the full potential of Juiced Blues. Just be prepared: heads will snap and no doubt will everyone in the room--not just guitarists--want to know what you have up your sleeve. You'll be the talk of the scene.

This is Chris Buono saying thank you, thank you, thank you for having an open mind. We purveyors of music need to maintain a balance between tradition and innovation to make the music we love grow. It's what makes the greats so great as this is what they did (or still do) and a big reason why we think they're so great! Be sure to spread the wealth and share your juiced knowledge. That's how we can all ensure music will continue to grow and never, ever die.

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Thanks again!

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