Watch the Blues for Symmy 3 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

Though the symmetrical diminished scale was the underlying concept behind the juiced Blues for Symmy solo, it was the dim7 arpeggios that stole the show. Not this time, though. Pushing the symmetrical agenda started in the Fuzy the Lydian Loader, the Blues for Symmy comping section takes the symmetrical diminished scale for an aggressive test drive by setting aside the juicy chord diamonds approach and introducing yet another new concept: harmonized scales. Working with 4ths we're going to morph the D, G and A symmetrical diminished scales into a succession of 3-note chord stacks, albeit some of the stacks will feature 3rds (this will be explained in detail in the next segment). From there, the comping takes full advantage of musical symmetry, but in a stealthy sort of way. Key components to listen for here are the combination of catchy top note voice leading and the altered harmonic angst-ridden content that's skulking in the low end. This is some fiercely cool stuff, folks. So sit back and dig it and then get ready to get geeky in the Comping Breakdown section.

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