Watch the Blues for Symmy 1 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Juiced Blues

As promised the road to musical symmetry continues here in Blues For Symmy (hence the name) with a 12-bar in D that has been super-juiced with the intellectually satisfying symmetrical diminished scale. Also known as the half-whole scale, this octatonic scale will serve as the template for both the melodic soloing (albeit the focus will be on one of the two dim7 arpeggios nested within the scale) and the harmonic comping ideas. If the thought of using a scale whose name consists of 21 letters dispersed throughout two seemingly complex terms sends a shiver down your purist spine, don't go running to the door just yet--of all the concepts discussed thus far the lines played in Blues for Symmy are the most, shall we say, "down home". As you'll soon witness, there's a bevy of minor blues sounding grit throughout this solo courtesy of superimposed dim7 arps. Hey, you never know--the symmetrical diminished scale and dim7 arpeggios may just become your defacto soloing devices. Trust me, your local blues scene will never see this coming!

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