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Watch the Rollin' In Your Arms: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 3

Following the initial slide up to the high D root note, a bend of E to F# is held while A and B notes above it are sounded, followed by striking the bent B string and then releasing the bend. This exact same fingering then moves down one whole step over C and then down two and a half steps over G. Hybrid picking is accentuated here in order to make the notes on the high E string jump out more than the notes on the B string. As the phrase culminates, I switch to straight flatpicking for a line based on C major hexatonic. A nice balance is achieved on the move to F and C via the shifts to F major pentatonic and C major pentatonic over these chords, followed by a descending lick that is played within the structure of the D Mixolydian mode (D E F# G A B C).