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Watch the My Sad Guitar: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 3

Like solo #1, this solo is based entirely on A minor pentatonic and moves around the fretboard freely. Bars 1-4 of this solo stick in fifth position of A minor pentatonic and begin with emphasis on 16th-note triplet phrases, balanced against sustained notes and bent vibratos, as played in the style of Johnny Winter. at the end of bar 8, I move into slides up and down the A string, moving between third and fifth position, and in bar 8 i move up to 12th and then 17th positions as the solo reaches a climax with a high G-to a whole-step bend and vibrato. Be sure to line all the fretting fingers up behind the finger that is fretting the note to insure the proper strength to execute bent vibratos that are intonated properly.