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Watch the Gimme Some More: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 3

All of the two-note harmonized figures used in this solo relate directly to each chord in the progression: E and G (the major third and fifth, respectively) of C are played over C, after which I slide down a whole step to D and F (the major third and fifth, respectively) of Bb, which is played over Bb. I then switch to fourths--F and C--over the F chord. The second time through, index and ring finger barres are used on the G and B strings to sound fourths while also incorporating string-bending techniques. At the beginning of the chorus section, i shift to single-note phrases based on C major pentatonic (C D E G A) utilziing a brief obliques bend between the B and high E strings. The solo ends with a riff that is slightly difficult to articulate in that it is located all the way at the top of the fretboard (difficult on a Strat), as G# at the 21st fret of the B string is bent up a half step to A while C is fretted at the 20th fret on the high E string.