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Watch the Don't You Love Me?: Lead 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 3

When playing the main lick up an octave from it's original pitch, I add little improvised phrases to the end of the line, so that the figure falls in between a solo and a restatement of the lick. The "thirds" of E and G over A7 then slides up a whole step to the notes F# and A, which are the major third and fifth, respectively of D, making this two-note shape work perfectly over the four chord, followed by a move to a repetitive bend/release/pull-off lick on the G string that is based on A major pentatonic (A B C# E F#). Some of the other oblique bends used are a unison E bend at the 17th fret on the G and B strings, as well as the same D-to-E bend on the G that is joined by a high G note on the B string.