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Watch the Don't You Love Me?: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 3

Though most of the lines in this solo are based on A minor pentatonic and the A blues scale, I do move to different areas through the solo in order to make direct reference to the four chord when it comes up in the progression. When soloing over the primary lick, the idea is to play something relatively simple that included notes that sustain, because constant soloing would immediately become too busy when playing over a busy backing lick like this. Over D, I shift up to 10th position and play within the "B.B. box", repeatedly pulling off on the B string from C to B at A with the pinkie, ring and index fingers, followed by the sixth, F#, on the G string. At the end of the phrase I bring a big, two-step Albert King-type bend and release. This is followed by an A7 triad that is arpeggiated on the top three strings, followed by a shift back to D7 arpeggiated triads.