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Watch the Wilted Roses: Rhythm 2 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

For the verse section of the tune, I begin with country-style hammer-ons fretted on either the G or D string within first inversion (third in the bass) triadic forms of D, A and G. While executing these quick hammer/pulls, be sure to stand all of the fret hand fingers up straight so that all of the strings will ring clearly. In bars 9-14, I utilize the same triadic shapes and embellishments, but change the rhythm of the part to that of quarter-note triplets, and I stick with this alternative pattern as a means of rhythmic development. At bar 15, I resolve the intimated melodic content via sliding sixths that move from the G chord to the D chord. For the five chord, A, I alternate between A and D, the fourth above, using a ring finger barre; this technique is also applied to the subsequent D chord. Hammered second inversion voicings come back into the picture for the second half of the chorus progression.