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Watch the Wilted Roses: Lead 1 online guitar lesson by Andy Aledort from Jam Night Vol. 2

The first oblique bend in this solo is a little tricky in that, following the whole-step ring finger bend on the G string, the index finger is used to fret the high E string while the pinkie is used to fret the B string. My goal in the subsequent lines is to move smoothly and melodically through D major pentatonic (D E F# A B) as it falls on different areas of the fretboard. These single-note lines are balanced against sliding sixths (always effective when included within a guitar solo), and notice as well the inclusion of hybrid picking (pick and fingers) techniques throughout, used to make the notes on the higher strings pop a little more. Through the chorus section, I like to play lines based on each of the chords: over A, I'll use the A major pentatonic scale (A B C# E F#) and over G I'll use the G major pentatonic scale (G A B D E). The idea is to integrate all of these scales together into a complete solo that tells a story and takes the listener from point A to point B in an interesting and musical way.